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December 16, 1893

THE SURGERY OF THE URETERS: A CLINICAL, LITERARY AND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH.Read in the Section on Surgery and Anatomy at the Forty-fourth Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association June 8, 1893.

JAMA. 1893;XXI(25):911-916. doi:10.1001/jama.1893.02420770001001


1. Introductory remarks.

2. Anatomical considerations.

3. Wounds of the ureter.

A. Drainage.

B. Bacterial conditions, asepsis, sepsis, putrefaction.

C. Location; pelvis, continuity, outlet (male and female).

D. Relation to injury of other structures.

E. Direction of the wound.

1. Longitudinal.

a. Drainage and its relation to the peritoneum.

b. Suture; utility and advisability.

2. Transverse wounds.

a. Incomplete, drainage, suture.

b. Complete transverse injury without loss of substance.

1. In the continuity of the ureter. Suture. Special devices. The writer's method.

2. At renal extremity.

3. At vesical extremity.

c. Complete transverse injury with loss of substance.

1. Urine still made to enter the bladder by

A. Using foreign bodies to produce a connective tissue channel into the bladder.

B. By double implantation of the ureter into an isolated knuckle of the bowel.

C. The writer's plastic methods of extending the bladder to meet the ureter.

a. Extra-peritoneal