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November 4, 1905


Author Affiliations

Director, Serum Laboratory; Pathologist, St. Paul's Hospital.; Pathologist, Biological Laboratory; Physician-in-Chief, St. Paul's Hospital. MANILA, P. I.

JAMA. 1905;XLV(19):1371-1378. doi:10.1001/jama.1905.52510190001001

In former papers, one of us (Musgrave) has dealt with the subjects of the cultivation of amebas, and the etiology, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of intestinal amebiasis. To complete the series, there remained, then, the pathology, complications and sequelæ, and to the pathology of the intestinal amebic disease the following remarks will be limited.

It may be well to state at the outset that we can see no valid reason for departing from the nomenclature of Lösch. He described a pathogenic ameba from a diseased intestine and called it Amœba coli. Why this term should be applied to a supposititious non-pathogenic organism is difficult to say. We shall, in referring to the cause of intestinal amebiasis, use the name introduced by Lösch.

Among the many articles in the literature of amebiasis, there are but few which are of special value from the pathologic side. Chief among these are those of