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December 2, 1905


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JAMA. 1905;XLV(23):1705-1709. doi:10.1001/jama.1905.52510230005001a

DEFINITION.  In some of our latest works on pathology and gynecology we find this growth mentioned and thus defined:Syncytioma malignum is a malignant neoplasm exhibiting the morbid physiologic characteristics of sarcoma and carcinoma.1It is a degenerative malignant disease of the sarcomatous type originating in the decidual structures of the pregnant woman and tending to a rapidly fatal issue.2It is a hemorrhagic tumor, a malignant growth developing in the body of the uterus, which belongs to the sarcoma group, and to a variety never before observed.3It is derived from the syncytium, and the syncytium is the undifferentiated embryologic tissue, and the tumors derived from it are neither epithelial nor sarcomatous.4It is a peculiar neoplasm of the uterus, peculiar in that it occurs only after pregnancy, in that its parenchyma is derived from two forms of cells, and, finally, in that its origin