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December 16, 1905


JAMA. 1905;XLV(25):1872. doi:10.1001/jama.1905.02510250038004

It is easy to pull down, but difficult to build up.

A fool can destroy; it usually requires a genius to create.

Destructive criticism accomplishes little, often reacts and does an injury to whatever the cause may be.

Calling attention to a harmful condition of affairs, without exaggeration, and at the same time suggesting a means whereby the harmful conditions may be improved, usually brings about a better state of affairs; it never makes them worse.

For some months we have been calling attention to the nostrum evil, occasionally specifying, by name, articles that are for one reason or another fraudulent and mentioning individual firms who are deliberately deluding members of our profession by exploiting through them articles that are nostrums in the worst meaning of the word. This we shall continue to do.

We have also been calling attention to the deplorable condition that has developed by allowing unprincipled