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January 28, 1905


JAMA. 1905;XLIV(4):279-282. doi:10.1001/jama.1905.92500310023001e

REQUIREMENTS FOR MEDICAL PRACTICE.  The rules of medical practice in Siberia are the same as in European Russia; that is, for the whole Russian Empire, from the Baltic Sea and the German-Austrian frontier up to the Pacific Ocean—Vladivostok and Port Arthur—there is one medical law: For the right of practicing medicine one must be graduated from one of the ten imperial universities of Russia. The university can be attended only by those graduated from a classical high school (eight years' studies), the so-called gymnasium, while the time of study in the university is not less than five years. After graduation, each student is permitted to take the state examinations, always oral. If the student be successful in these "final" examinations, he gets his diploma, and the right to practice medicine throughout the Russian empire and to fill any medical position in the