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September 20, 1902


JAMA. 1902;XXXIX(12):704. doi:10.1001/jama.1902.02480380040006

About twenty years have passed since Credé showed that gonorrheal conjunctivitis of the new-born, the scourge of maternity hospitals and the cause of so much blindness, can be positively prevented. Every text-book on the eye has since that time described Credé's method and preached its necessity. Every text-book of obstetrics has contrasted the state of affairs before and since the introduction of "Credé" in lying-in institutions, and yet how little is this simple and efficient prophylactic used outside of hospitals.

Some years ago Cohn learned by means of statistic correspondence with all physicians in Breslau, that in that city 2 per cent. of all children born in private practice were still allowed to contract the disease and risk blindness. The same oculist, so well-known for his statistic researches, has recently shown that in institutions for the blind in Germany 20 per cent. of the inmates still owe their blindness to