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April 30, 1892

THE MICROSCOPE IS NOT A TOY, BUT A USEFUL MEANS TO GYNECOLOGICAL ENDS.Read before the Gynecological Society of Boston, March 10, 1892.

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JAMA. 1892;XVIII(18):539-541. doi:10.1001/jama.1892.02411220001001

It shows one cause of neurosis and fetid urine in women.

Case 1.—Some years ago, a lady patient complained of the offensive odor of her urine when voided. She said it smelt like "bilge water."

On examination the urine was found to be of good specific gravity, slightly mahogany colored, no deposit on cooling, no albumin, no morphological element at first found. The odor was, as she said, a strong smell of tannic acid as in newly tanned sole leather.

I did not give up, but carefully noting this and other experiments with the microscope I found bacteria in considerable quantity, in the freshly voided urine. They were segregate, globular, and not auto-mobile. I regarded them as the babies of a fungus vegetation, corresponding to the bacilli or babies of the butyric acid fermentation vegetation found in rancid butter which in baby stage of development multiply and by the life