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May 6, 1893

THE INFLUENCE OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM IN CERTAIN DISTURBANCES OF THE SKIN.Read before the Section of Dermatology and Syphilography, at the Forty-third annual meeting of the American Medical Association, held at Detroit, Mich., June, 1892.

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JAMA. 1893;XX(18):496-499. doi:10.1001/jama.1893.02420450004001a

There is no other organ of the human body where the alterations of the nervous system presiding the nutrition of the tissues produce such an apparent effect than the skin, which externally located accessible to the eye, easily shows its disturbances. The nutrition of the skin like the other organs is entirely subordinate to a certain nervous filament which regulate the tonus of the blood vessels called therefore, vaso-motor nerves. The troubles of the nutritive process of the skin clearly show the disease of the nervous element which is connected with the affected region of the skin, and they are not only the etiologic moment of the disturbance of the skin, but truly they are the effective causes. The arteries and veins are subjected to change their calibre not only in a passive way, following by the inelasticity the pressure of the blood, but also actively by the efficiency of