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September 21, 1901


JAMA. 1901;XXXVII(12):765-778. doi:10.1001/jama.1901.02470380035003

UNIVERSITY WORK IN MEDICINE.  It is no longer necessary for a young man who wants an education first to make the fateful choice between "culture" and professional training. Culture and preparation for a calling in life are not mutually exclusive. Culture that does not prepare for a distinct vocation is a pious fraud. Professional training which does not yield culture is a routine drill in some selected knack, with mind as much as possible left out. Culture that deserves a genuine man's respect is not something apart from the ordinary concerns of life. It is not to be had by withdrawing interest from real work, and devoting attention to a range of thought outside and above and beyond men's practical pursuits. What we really want to express when we praise culture is respect for well-developed, well-balanced, and well-adapted human capacity. There can be no culture which does not consist in