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February 3, 1900


JAMA. 1900;XXXIV(5):302. doi:10.1001/jama.1900.02460050048014

Contrary to Loewenberg and to Abel, who regard a variety of Friedlander's bacillus—cocco-bacillus of ozena, bacillus mucosus—as the cause of ozena, Perez3 finds that this annoying affection is caused by a special organism, which he designates as the cocco-bacillus fetidus ozenæ. The bacteriologic analysis of 63 cases— various form of rhinitis 32, ozena 22, normal nasal fossæ 9—forms the basis of the investigation of Perez. The organism of Loewenberg-Abel was found 17 times in the cases of ozena; 7 times in chronic rhinitis, and once in a perfectly normal nose. The cocco-bacillus fetidus ozenæ was found 7 times in 11 cases of fetid atrophic rhinitis, and once in 11 cases of atrophic rhinitis without fetor. The Loewenberg-Abel organism is regarded as the result of a secondary infection. The cocco-bacillus fetidus ozenæ is immotile, does not stain by Gram's method, is non-liquefying, non-fermenting in lactose, causes fermentation of urea, produces