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May 26, 1900


JAMA. 1900;XXXIV(21):1348. doi:10.1001/jama.1900.02460210054012

The association of idiopathic epilepsy—grand mal-with the lymphatic constitution—persistence of thymus gland, hyperplasia of lymph nodes, and of spleen—has been emphasized of late by Ohlmacher. The association of lymphatism and of idiopathic grand mal has been so strikingly frequent in the autopsies in Ohlmacher's laboratory at Gallipolis, Ohio, that a thorough study of the literature bearing on persistent thymus and on the lymphatic state became necessary. The clinical condition of thymic asthma, or laryngismus stridulus, of infancy is connected on the one hand with the lymphatic constitution, of which enlarged thymus is often but a part, and on the other hand clinicians are wont to associate it with rickets. Tetany and infantile convulsions are also referred to "the rickety diathesis." With these considerations in view, and guided also by gross pathologic evidences of rickets in some of the epileptics, Ohlmacher was led to think more and more of the relation