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July 25, 1966

Lateral Pharyngeal Diverticulum

JAMA. 1966;197(4):299. doi:10.1001/jama.1966.03110040109029

To the Editor:—  Lateral pharyngeal diverticula are rare lesions arising from the periform fossa, vallecula or tonsillar fossa on either side of the pharynx. A review in 1962 by Fowler1 listed 11 cases in the English literature up to that time. The following patient, possibly the 12th case, was admitted to the Harlan (Ky) Appalachian Regional Hospital Dec 9, and discharged Dec 30,1963.

Report of a Case:—  This 39-year-old white man had a clicking develop in his throat on swallowing liquids six months before admission. Since then he had had several episodes of choking sensation and coughing while sleeping. To avoid them, he had learned to sleep on his back. There was no history of bleeding, no loss of weight, and no hoarseness of the voice.Examination of the neck revealed no abnormality. A direct laryngoscopy showed nothing remarkable. A barium swallow revealed a diverticulum arising from the right