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September 26, 1966

Elbow Dislocation With Radial Head Fracture

JAMA. 1966;197(13):1092-1094. doi:10.1001/jama.1966.03110130092025

Dr. Joseph L. Shaw: A 48-year-old woman fell on the sidewalk while attempting to avoid being struck by a bicycle. She thinks that she landed directly on the elbow rather than on the hand. She was seen in the emergency ward at the Massaschusetts General Hospital less than an hour following her injury. Results of a physical examination were normal except for the right elbow which was swollen, tender, and deformed. Circulation and sensation in the extremity were intact, but the elbow was obviously dislocated posteriorly.

Dr. Aufranc: Dr. Edward Riseborough will discuss the x-ray films and the management of this severe elbow injury.

Dr. Edward J. Riseborough: This patient has sustained a posterior dislocation of the elbow joint with fracture of both the coronoid process of the ulna and the lateral margin of the radial head (Fig 1). Fortunately, the coronoid process fracture is small, the fragment measuring about