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December 5, 1966

New Demands for Medical Manpower

JAMA. 1966;198(10):1091-1093. doi:10.1001/jama.1966.03110230107023

The crisis in American medicine certainly has been diagnosed and treated in a hundred different ways in the last ten years. There is increasing concern that the eye of the storm is health manpower. In a recent series of articles in the Los Angeles Times, the outstanding Times reporter, Harry Nelson, noted as follows:

Now that we have Medicare, and other far more revolutionary medical programs are on the horizon, where are we going to get all of the doctors to provide the services?

The answer is, that the United States will not have enough doctors for a long, long time, if ever. An affluent society that is becoming increasingly health conscious is making greater demands than the medical and auxiliary health professions can supply.

In a few words, Mr. Nelson summarized what I am presenting in more detail.

We have a variety of factors influencing the rising tide of