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September 10, 1892

CLOSURE OF THE LACHRYMAL PUNCTA IN DACRYOCYSTITIS AS A BARRIER AGAINST INFECTION OF THE WOUNDED EYEBALL.Read in the Section of Ophthalmology at the Forty-third Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association, held at Detroit, Mich., June, 1892.

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JAMA. 1892;XIX(11):311-313. doi:10.1001/jama.1892.02420110015001f

That an unsound condition of the lachrymal sac and duct is a constant menace to the eyeball and, in fact, the most mischievous source of infection, is admitted by everyone familiar with the subject. The pernicious quality of the secretion in dacryocystitis is caused by the copious existence of microőrganisms of many varieties, and with the exception of the gonococcus, none are known to be more hurtful to the tissues of the eye. The rule is therefore strictly observed, not to operate for cataract, etc., before any existing lachrymal trouble has been eliminated. Even the slightest corneal wound affords a favorable point of entrance for the virus, and hypopyum keratitis with all its dangers results. The striking fact has been proven that from 20 per cent, to 32 per cent, of the cases of hypopyum keratitis are complicated with dacryocystitis.

As a rule, a person afflicted with some disease of