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November 19, 1892

HYPERTROPHY OF THE PHARYNGEAL TONSIL.A clinical lecture delivered at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago, May 12, 1892.

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JAMA. 1892;XIX(21):598-603. doi:10.1001/jama.1892.02420210004001a

Synonyms.—Hypertrophy of Luschka's tonsil. Adenoid vegetations of naso pharynx, post-nasal growths or vegetations.

Definition.—This affection may be defined as an abnormal enlargement of the lymphoid structures normally found at the vault of the pharynx, frequently causing partial deafness, alterations in the voice, more or less nasal obstruction, with occasional deterioration of the general health.

History.—Czermak was probably the first to have seen these growths and as early as 1860 described them with considerable accuracy, but failed to recognize their clinical importance. Voltolini, in 1865, described a case of deafness associated with, and probably due to this hypertrophy. Löwenberg published a similar account of three cases in the same year and made some commendable suggestions as to their pathological anatomy. Meyer, of Copenhagen, in 1868, was the first to insist on their clinical importance. His interesting paper, in which he gave an admirable account of the symptoms, detailed the microscopical appearances