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Visualizing Health Policy
July 25, 2012

HIV/AIDS: The State of the Epidemic After 3 Decades

Kaiser Family Foundation*
Author Affiliations

*Produced by Jennifer Kates, PhD, Alicia Carbaugh, MHS, David Rousseau, MPH, and Anne Jankiewicz.

JAMA. 2012;308(4):330. doi:10.1001/jama.2012.8700

This month's Visualizing Health Policy takes a look at the state of the HIV/AIDS epidemic after 3 decades, including global estimates of HIV prevalence in 2009 and how the number of people living with HIV has grown over the past 30 years, donor government funding for HIV/AIDS in developing countries, rates of new HIV diagnoses in the United States by race/ethnicity, and how the public's perception of HIV/AIDS as the most urgent public health problem has diminished since 2000. For a more complete view, select the PDF available in the upper right article toolbar.

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Article Information

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation (www.kff.org) analysis. Original data and detailed source information are available at http://facts.kff.org/jama_072512.