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December 1, 1962

Pain and Spasticity in Patients with Spinal Cord Dysfunction: Results of a Follow-Up Study

Author Affiliations

New York City
Associate Director (Dr. Kaplan), Director (Dr. Grynbaum), and Fellow (Dr. Lloyd), Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Bellevue Hospital, and Professor and Chairman (Dr. Rusk), Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, New York University Medical College.

JAMA. 1962;182(9):918-925. doi:10.1001/jama.1962.03050480024006

This retrospective and continuing follow-up study analyzes the incidence and treatment of pain and spasticity in disease of the spinal cord. Of 44 patients with upper motor neuron involvement, 31 had initial spasticity which persisted in 28 to the present and developed in 5 others during the interim. Pain, usually mild, was found in 19 initially; it was still present in 16 at follow-up examination and developed during the interim in 13 others. Spasticity tended to occur in the lower extremities, flexors, and extensors, and prevented daily activities. Drugs were mildly effective. Pain tended to persist but did not prevent daily function. It was commonly found in the lower extremities, at the level of the lesion, in the region of the lower abdomen, and elsewhere. It was often neglected therapeutically.

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