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Visualizing Health Policy
November 28, 2012

Medicare's Role and Future Challenges

Kaiser Family Foundation*
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*Produced by: Jennifer Huang, MHS, Juliette Cubanski, PhD, Gretchen Jacobson, PhD, Patricia Neuman, ScD, Anne Jankiewicz, and David Rousseau, MPH.

JAMA. 2012;308(20):2072. doi:10.1001/jama.2012.53860

This month's Visualizing Health Policy takes a look at Medicare: who is covered by Medicare; what proportion of Medicare beneficiaries use at least 1 medical service in a year; the balancing act for Medicare in setting fair payments to health care professionals and institutions and in keeping medical care affordable and sustainable; how health care spending per person is growing more slowly for Medicare than for private insurance; and how rising health care costs and a growing population pose fiscal challenges to keeping Medicare solvent in the years ahead. For a more complete view, select the PDF available in the upper right article toolbar.

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Source: Kaiser Family Foundation ( analysis. Original data and detailed source information are available at

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