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February 21, 1948

NUTRITION AND ENDOCRINOLOGY: With Special Reference to the Nutrition of the Mexican Indian

Author Affiliations

Director National Institute of Nutrition México, D. F., Mexico

JAMA. 1948;136(8):542-545. doi:10.1001/jama.1948.02890250030007

For the general practitioner, it is difficult to follow the lines of development of medical ideas in the different fields of medicine unless extreme care is taken in the presentation of facts and of doctrine. One must always bear in mind that the division of subjects in different branches of medical knowledge and their classification is done only for convenience, and does not exist in nature. Such is the conception of separation between nutrition and endocrinology and the classification of nutritional disorders into "exogenous" and "endogenous"; by "exogenous" those cases are meant which are caused by the ingestion of an excessive or an insufficient amount of food and by "endogenous" those derived from an endocrine disturbance.

It is true that one may find some cases which can be really recognized as exogenous and, in the other extreme, cases which can be recognized as endogenous, but such clearcut classification breaks down

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