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November 3, 1962

Infantile Spasms, Hypsarhythmia, and Mental Retardation: Response to Corticotropin and Its Relation to Age and Etiology in 21 Patients

Author Affiliations

Rochester, Minn.
From the Section of Pediatrics, Consultant in Pediatric Neurology (Dr. Millichap) and the Section of Physiology (Electroencephalography), Consultant in Neurophysiology (Dr. Bickford), Mayo Clinic and Mayo Foundation.

JAMA. 1962;182(5):523-527. doi:10.1001/jama.1962.03050440015004

Twenty-one patients with infantile spasms and hypsarhythmia were treated with corticotropin (ACTH) or cortisone or both. The frequency of seizures was reduced in 11, and the electroencephalogram became normal or was improved in 8 of 18 patients who had recordings made before and after therapy. A beneficial response was obtained in 6 of 11 patients with seizures of undetermined etiology and in 5 of 10 patients with a history of anoxia or encephalitis. The response was better in the younger children; 8 of 10 infants less than 1 year of age and 2 of 9 children 1 year of age or older were benefited. Seizures were controlled in 5 to 7 patients whose intelligence quotients were 70 or more before treatment and in 6 of 14 patients who were mentally retarded.

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