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October 26, 1984

Therapeutic Radiology

JAMA. 1984;252(16):2261-2263. doi:10.1001/jama.1984.03350160129038

At this time, there are over 480 physicians in therapeutic radiology residency programs, compared with only 31 trainees just 20 years ago.1 Interest in radiation therapy as a career choice is due in part to the evolving capabilities of this modality for cancer treatment. Positive results are seen with radiation treatment of carcinoma of the pharynx, larynx, and vocal cords, and pelvic irradiation is often of benefit in advanced carcinoma of the cervix and prostate. In addition, the palliative effects of radiation in decreasing the pain and tumor bulk of other malignancies are well established.

The frontiers of radiotherapy are wide open. The improvement of imaging procedures has permitted better treatment planning and more adequate irradiation of deep-seated tumors. Digital technology enhances radiographic delineations. Magnetic resonance is already contributing to these aims; it promises to differentiate between normal and neoplastic tissues by in vivo spectroscopy, metabolic analysis, and tissue

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