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August 2005


Arch Dermatol. 2005;141(8):1046-1047. doi:10.1001/archderm.141.8.1046

We report the first case to our knowledge of thin vulvar melanoma in which dermoscopic features were investigated together with their pathological correlates.

A 68-year-old white woman was referred to our clinic for an evaluation of a pigmented lesion of the vulva detected during routine gynecological examination. The patient was unaware of the lesion and reported no symptoms.

A hyperpigmented lesion, approximately 10 mm in diameter, was found on the patient’s left superior labium majus and minus, near the clitoris. The lesion was asymmetric, with irregular and ill-defined borders. Pigmentation was irregular: dark brown in the center and light brown at the periphery. It was barely palpable, and a slight thickening of the epidermis was found in the central part (Figure 1). Epiluminescence microscopy revealed a nonhomogeneous lesion, with a central blue-gray area and a whitish veil forming a sort of network over most of it (Figure 2).

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