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Clinical Implications
January 1999

Clinical Implications: Dermatopathology in Europe

Arch Dermatol. 1999;135(1):24. doi:10.1001/archderm.135.1.24

The reflective response by Richard G. Glogau, MD,1 to the thoughtful essay by Eileen W. Ringel, MD, titled "The Morality of Cosmetic Surgery for Aging Skin"2 is in the spirit of the Issues section of Archives of Dermatology as it will be conducted during my tenure as editor. In brief, an articulate spokesperson for a vantage contrary to that presented in a piece published previously about a particular matter of moment in dermatology will be invited to express that point of view as logically, compellingly, and trenchantly as possible. The motivating idea is to engage dermatologists, worldwide, in issues of importance to our specialty now, the resolution of which will define our future. Dr Kenneth Arndt and I deliberately permitted some time to go by before offering the first of the opposing positions (namely, that of Dr Glogau), our purpose being to permit readers of the Archives to cogitate on the matter under consideration and to assume a mental posture of their own before being privy to the thinking of the designated antagonist. Letters to the Editor about any of the Issues that appear in these pages will be received with pleasure, and equally welcome will be receipt of a contribution from readers that addresses a riveting point of discussion, debate, or dispute— to wit, an issue. Consider doing that today–and act upon the decision to do it soon!

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