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September 1999

Erythematous Nodule on the Nail Bed

Arch Dermatol. 1999;135(9):1113-a-1118. doi:10-1001/pubs.Arch Dermatol.-ISSN-0003-987x-135-9-dof0999

A 32-year-old white woman presented with a 2-year history of nail loss. She initially had noted a "small bump" on the corner of her right thumbnail. In time, the bump grew larger and split the nail, and, finally, a portion of the right thumbnail fell off. Occasionally, the patient experienced pain in the affected area of her thumb. Her medical history was noncontributory.

Cutaneous examination revealed a 7-mm erythematous nodule located on the lateral aspect of the right thumb, with the loss of one third of the lateral nail plate (Figure 1). An x-ray film of the thumb showed no evidence of bone abnormality. A biopsy specimen was obtained (Figure 2).

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