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Issues in Dermatology
November 1999

Goodbye, Managed Care; Hello, Skin Care

Arch Dermatol. 1999;135(11):1308-1310. doi:10.1001/archderm.135.11.1308

Old Joke:Doctor: $50 for a house call?! Why, even I don't get $50 for a house call! Plumber: Neither did I when I was a doctor!

New Joke:Doctor: $50 for a facial?! Why, even I don't get $50 for an office visit! Aesthetician: Neither did I when I was a dermatologist!

Latest Joke: I hereby decree that from this day forward I'm dropping MD from after my name. I admit the idea is not entirely original. My esteemed and much admired colleague Dr Naomi Bluestone, a role model for women in medicine and formerly a psychiatrist, was way ahead of her time. In 1993, she was the first physician to formally report on the benefits of dropping MD from after her name.1 Today, she is a happy faith healer, sex counselor, and psychic advisor with a loyal clientele. She still helps people with their psychological health and emotional well-being, but now is completely free of bureaucratic red tape, governmental control, and managed care.

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