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March 2001

Asymptomatic, Firm, Yellow-Brown Plaques of the Lower Eyelids and Chest

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Arch Dermatol. 2001;137(3):365-370. doi:

A 58-year-old Hispanic woman presented with an 8-year history of asymptomatic plaques on her right lower eyelid and a 7-year history of similar lesions on her chest and left lower eyelid. There had been no change in the size or number of lesions since their onset. A review of systems showed no abnormalities, and there was no significant personal or family medical history.

Physical examination revealed firm, yellow-brown plaques, some with a hint of hemorrhage, on both lower eyelids. The right eyelid was affected more than the left (Figure 1), and similar lesions were present on the chest. There was no evidence of mucous membrane lesions, macroglossia, or edema of the extremities. The laboratory examinations showed results within normal limits for the following: liver function; complete blood cell count with differential; electrolytes; phosphorus; serum urea nitrogen and creatinine; erythrocyte sedimentation rate; antinuclear antibody; serum and urine immunoelectrophoresis; and serum immunoglobulins. The findings of chest radiography and electrocardiography were also normal.

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