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September 2004

Multiple Axillary Papules—Diagnosis

Arch Dermatol. 2004;140(9):1161-1168. doi:10.1001/archderm.140.9.1161-d

The biopsy specimen of a papule showed multiple ductal and small cystic structures embedded in a fibrous connective tissue stroma in the dermis. The ducts were lined by 1 or 2 rows of epithelial cells (Figure 2). These histopathologic findings were consistent with syringoma.

Syringoma is a relatively common appendageal tumor showing eccrine acrosyringeal differentiation. The typical clinical appearance of syringoma is firm, with skin-colored to brown papules on the lower eyelids.1 Some clinical variants (eruptive,2 linear,3 familial,4 vulvar,5 penile,6 scalp,7 and acral8 syringomas), as well as a histologic variant (clear cell syringoma), have been described. Although the axilla is a well-described site for syringoma, no previous case of syringoma limited to the axillae has been reported in the literature. In the 12 reported cases of eruptive syringoma,9 axillary involvement was seen in only 3 patients.