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March 1923


Author Affiliations

Clinical Assistant in Surgery, Tulane University of Louisiana School of Medicine. NEW ORLEANS

From the Outpatient Department, Surgical Clinic. Touro Infirmary.

Arch Derm Syphilol. 1923;7(3):303-325. doi:10.1001/archderm.1923.02360090016002

"In 1882, Colonel Macleod,1 in India, described a serpiginous ulceration of the genitals, probably the first case noted. In 1896, Conyers1 and Daniels,1 in British Guiana, adequately described and defined it as a clinical entity and gave it the name of granuloma inguinale tropicum. In 1897, Galloway1 added observations, and called the condition ulcerating granuloma of the pudenda. Cases have since been reported in Brazil, West Indian Islands, West Africa, Tripoli, South China, North Australia, New Guinea, and the South Sea Islands." Cases have been reported in different parts of the United States and dependencies by Goodman,2 in Porto Rico, four cases; Pederson,3 in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, three cases; Geringer,3 in Panama, one case; Pardo,3 in Cuba, two cases; Grindon,4 in St. Louis, three cases; Symmers and Frost,5 in New York, two cases; Campbell,6 in New York, three

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