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November 1928


Author Affiliations

Associate Professor of Medicine, College of Medical Evangelists LOS ANGELES

Arch Derm Syphilol. 1928;18(5):736-741. doi:10.1001/archderm.1928.02380170092009

Recent experiments on animals have revived interest in the hot bath as a treatment for syphilis. The hot bath or sweatbox as a part of the armamentarium for the treatment of syphilis is not new. Joan de Vigo, in 1514, said, "If an eruption of pustules, scabs, ulcers and warty excrescences are scattered over the whole body, after proper evacuation let the patient enter the stove for a sweat-bath.... This he should take twice a week." Jean Almenar, in 1512, said that the patient should go into either the sweatbox or the hot bath the day after a purge. Jacob Catanus, in 1516, devoted chapter six of his book on the French disease to "The Treatment of the French Disease by Administration of Baths." Many of the early syphilologists mention the hot baths; of these, particular mention should be made of Lawrence Frisius, 1532, Benedict Victor, 1551, and of William