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March 1931


Arch Derm Syphilol. 1931;23(3):429-438. doi:10.1001/archderm.1931.03880210022002

We have had under our observation for some time a small group of patients with a type of peribuccal pigmentation sufficiently different from the usual disorders of this area and of a sufficiently uniform character to warrant consideration as a distinct clinical entity. A review of the literature convinced us that the disorder in question is identical with that described by Brocq1 in 1923 as erythrose peribuccale pigmentaire, so we adopted his title. Our patients were all women in the thirties or early forties. The condition absorbed a disproportionate amount of their attention on account of the cosmetic disfigurement and the extraordinary resistance to treatment. It was observed only in private patients, and we found it impossible to secure a biopsy from this region of the face. Consequently, our study is purely clinical, unsupported by histologic evidence.

The disorder consists of a diffuse brownish or brownish-red pigmentation, most marked