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July 1931


Arch Derm Syphilol. 1931;24(1):55-71. doi:10.1001/archderm.1931.01450010060004

Because of the many conflicting reports and the uncertainty of knowledge concerning the exact pathologic changes in the skin in cases of myxedema, this study was undertaken. Special emphasis has been placed on the determination of the presence or absence of mucin or of a mucoid-like substance in the skin of patients with this disease.

Most of the sections of skin for study were taken from the left leg. Each section was divided into two parts. One part was fixed in alcohol and the other in formaldehyde; both were then blocked in paraffin, sectioned, mounted on slides and stained with the following stains: hematoxylin and eosin, van Gieson's, acid orcein counterstained with polychrome methylene blue, neutral orcein counterstained with polychrome methylene blue (for study of the collagen fibers), mucicarmine stain (Ochsenhirt1), Weigert's elastic tissue stain, elastin H and silver nitrate stain for melanin (Becker2). Kreibich's3 method

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