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August 1940


Arch Derm Syphilol. 1940;42(2):239-244. doi:10.1001/archderm.1940.01490140003001

This meeting has been called in order to review the results of massive dose chemotherapy of syphilis by means of the intravenous drip. The observations to be reported represent an experience with more than 375 male patients with the primary or secondary stage of syphilis.

Rapid sterilization of the body by massive arsenotherapy was the primary aim of Paul Ehrlich. Later, others also attempted to administer amounts of Ehrlich's chemotherapeutic agent comparable to those which are being reported today, but the dangers involved made it necessary to revert to small divided doses given intravenously every five days for one to two years. This prolonged method of therapy results in a loss of 40 to 80 per cent of clinic patients while they are still in the communicable stage of the disease and can continue to transmit their infection to others. The disease has therefore continued to spread annually to several