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November 1948


Arch Derm Syphilol. 1948;58(5):471-554. doi:10.1001/archderm.1948.01520240019003

Sarcoid. Presented by Dr. Edward A. Oliver and (by invitation) Dr. A. Grenard.  L. L., a Negro clerical worker aged 42, gives a history of having first noticed a nodule on the right cheek in September 1943 while at an Army station at Staten Island, N. Y. Similar nodules appeared, subsequently increasing in size and number. The lesions observed today about the face and mucous membrane of the mouth appeared in August 1944. He first complained of hoarseness six months ago. There have been no weight loss, night sweats, cough or weakness. All other systems are essentially normal. He had a tonsillectomy in February 1944 and a replacement of a left detached retina in July. The family history is noncontributory.The presenting lesions are nodules, papules and infiltrating purplish plaques about the nostrils, both cheeks, eyes, ears, neck and upper part of the thorax. There are nodules in the mucous

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