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June 1950


Arch Derm Syphilol. 1950;61(6):1025-1038. doi:10.1001/archderm.1950.01530130143019

MELANOEPITHELIOMA,1 nevocarcinoma and malignant melanoma are terms used by various authors to describe the most dangerous type of cutaneous cancer, referred to in propaganda on cancer distributed to the laity as the "black death."

My original purpose in drawing attention to the lesions Bloch2 described in 1927 as benign non-nevoid melanoepitheliomas of the skin was threefold: in the first place, to discuss and attempt to catalog exactly what he described, as there had been radical differences of opinion as to whether the lesions were properly called melanoepitheliomas or basal cell epitheliomas, whether they were "non-nevoid" or whether they were always benign; secondly, to demonstrate that they presented a real problem in clinical differential diagnosis and sometimes in microscopic interpretation as well, and, lastly, to present 3 cases, 1 of which was complicated by the presence of a junction nevus in part of the growth.

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