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July 1950


Author Affiliations

HOUSTON, TEXAS With the Technical Assistance of John W. Brueck, M.S., New Orleans

From the Louisiana State University Service, Department of Dermatology and Syphilology, Charity Hospital of Louisiana, New Orleans, under the direction of Dr. James K. Howles and the Department of Microbiology, Louisiana State University School of Medicine.

Arch Derm Syphilol. 1950;62(1):97-104. doi:10.1001/archderm.1950.01530140101010

GENERALIZED systemic and cerebrospinal cryptococcosis (torulosis) are accepted clinical entities. The extensive monograph by Stoddard and Cutler1 published in 1916 firmly established their identity. The cutaneous manifestations are apparently recognized infrequently. The literature contains few authentic examples.2 Primary cutaneous cryptococcal infection in which the skin lesions are the sole manifestation of the disease, without a preceding generalized or cerebrospinal involvement, seems to be rarer still. In any form, however, the condition is often associated with other disease entities. This report will present a case of cutaneous cryptococcosis which apparently represents the sui generis form of the disease, associated with sarcoidosis.


The patient was a white divorced woman aged 29, a lifetime resident of New Orleans. She stated that she had been "anemic" and afflicted with "enlarged glands" since childhood. She had measles, mumps, chickenpox and scarlet fever in early life. Except

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