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June 1957

A New Verrucous Mycosis Caused by Cercospora Apii

Author Affiliations

Djakarta, Indonesia

AMA Arch Derm. 1957;75(6):864-870. doi:10.1001/archderm.1957.01550180078017

From an unusual verrucous lesion on the face of an Indonesian boy we repeatedly isolated a fungus which has not been reported previously as a cause of disease in man or animals. The fungus obviously falls within the taxonomic limits of the genus Cercospora, whose many species are well known to plant pathologists as frequent causes of leaf spots. We are unable to differentiate the fungus from Cercospora apii Fresenius 1863, and we identify it with this species. The production of extensive dermal lesions in man with invasion and proliferation of hyphae to the corium by a fungus which is a known pathogen of plants is unique in medicine.

This case will be reviewed, along with a second unusual subcutaneous mycosis,4 in a paper prepared for a mycological journal.2

Report of Case

An Indonesian orphan boy, age 12 years, was hospitalized Aug. 28, 1954, because