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November 1957

Confluent and Reticulated Cutaneous Papillomatosis: Report of a Case

Author Affiliations

(MC), U. S. N.; (MC), U. S. N.

From the U. S. Naval Hospital, Philadelphia.

AMA Arch Derm. 1957;76(5):648-651. doi:10.1001/archderm.1957.01550230114016


The confluent and reticulated variety of cutaneous papillomatosis was first reported by Gougerot and Carteaud1-4 in 1927-1929. In 1932, they again discussed cutaneous papillomatoses, and to differentiate them from verrucous proliferative dermatoses proposed the following classification5: ( 1 ) punctate pigmented verrucous papillomatosis; (2) confluent and reticulated papillomatosis; (3) nummular and confluent papillomatosis.

Cases of Group 2 have been reported in this country by Wise and Sachs,6 Waisman,7 and Young.8 In a recent review of the world literature by Kesten and James,9 37 cases were found, 1 previously presented by Kesten, and 2 reported for the first time.

As originally described in two young men and two young women, the condition, which was considered neither congenital nor hereditary, had five features:

  1. Morphology.—The initial lesion is a discrete round red papule 1 to 2 mm. in size. This rapidly becomes gray, then brown,