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January 1960

The Place of Grenz Radiation in Dermatologic Practice

AMA Arch Derm. 1960;81(1):110-125. doi:10.1001/archderm.1960.03730010114014

When the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima a little less than 15 years ago, it is doubtful that anyone anticipated that the events which were to follow would have such a profound and universal effect on medical thinking. I refer specifically to the notion which has been aroused in so many patients, as well as physicians, that any form of ionizing radiation, whether for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, is a potential, if not certain, danger. This notion is so strong and prevalent that considerable resistance to the use of these modalities is now encountered with almost predictable regularity in the routine practice of dermatology.

It is because of this exaggerated antagonism to the therapeutic use of any form of ionizing radiation that I have chosen to deliver as my inaugural paper before this organization, composed wholly of dermatologists, one on a form of ionizing radiation which I am