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August 1960

Polyoxyethelene Lauryl Ether: Its Use in a New Keratolytic Acne Lotion

Arch Dermatol. 1960;82(2):266-267. doi:10.1001/archderm.1960.01580020108027

Acne therapy demands above all else a topical medication for "the achievement of a continuous, mild, nondisfiguring, drying and peeling of the skin to remove and prevent follicular obstruction."1,2 We wish to report our experiences with a new rapid drying and keratolytic agent in the treatment of acne.

Polyoxyethelene lauryl ethers are nonionic emulsifiers produced by the condensation of ethylene oxide with lauryl alcohol and have this general chemical formula:

The specific ether used in this study is a colorless, oily liquid at 25 C that is soluble in high concentrations in distilled water and is easily dispersed in hard water.

Polyoxyethelene emulsifier alone, in concentrations up to 30%, produces only a mild astringent sensation on the skin. However, with the addition of sulfur 2%, zinc oxide, talc and bentonite base, a surprising synergism is noted. Marked peeling and drying takes place, which is not duplicated by any of

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