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December 1961

Nevus Elasticus and Nevus Elasticus Vascularis

Arch Dermatol. 1961;84(6):943-947. doi:10.1001/archderm.1961.01580180059010

The term nevus elasticus has been used in connection with 2 clinically and histologically different conditions, having in common only the fact of belonging to the group of connective-tissue nevi.

The first to use the term nevus elasticus was Lewandowsky1 who, in 1921, under the title of Naevus Elasticus Regionis Mammariae described a condition appearing in the pectoral regions and being characterized by groups of perifollicular papules which histologically showed disappearance and degeneration of the elastic fibers. Seventeen other cases have been published so far under a variety of names, such as ``dystrophia elastica follicularis thoracica,''2 ``naevus pseudocolloide parifolliculaire,''3 "nevus conjunctivus,''4,5 and finally, "nevus elasticus.''6-8

De Graciansky and Leclercq9 recently, under the title of Le Naevus elasticus en tumeurs disseminées, described an entity previously called "juvenile elastoma'' by Weidman and co-authors.10 This condition has also been described as ``Connective-tissue nevi" by Prakken