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February 1962


Arch Dermatol. 1962;85(2):283. doi:10.1001/archderm.1962.01590020123019

To the Editor:—  Please allow me to compliment Dr. Albert Kligman publicly for his newest achievement mentioned in his article "Why Do Nails Grow Out Instead of Up?''* It is the first dermatologic experiment on extrapolating a "hard keratin" structure of a nail on the ``not-so-hard keratin" of the skin. Although the "monolithic pillar of nail" could well be called a "stub" in the not so exuberant a parlance, and it is a ``microlith'' (the dictionary meaning of which is more correctly expressive of Al's experiment), in spite of the experimenter's estimation of it as a monolith, his achievement may be considered of monolithic proportions in view of at least one implication of it. For the first time the man can now hope to make the horns grow—I hope proportionately and symmetrically—on the forehead of a devilish man and make him a real devil of the man's conception!Wishing to

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