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March 1971


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4200 E Ninth Ave Denver 80220

Arch Dermatol. 1971;103(3):340. doi:10.1001/archderm.1971.04000150110019

To the Editor.—  In his article, "Photosensitivity Following Treatment With Occlusive Dressings", in the Archives (September 1970), LCDR Cattano concludes that after application of plastic occlusive dressings, skin becomes more sensitive to sunlight. His assumption is correct and I submit the following experimental evidence to substantiate his findings:Another physician and I immersed our left arms in still tap water at 33-35 C for one hour. The other arm was held in about the same position in air. Immediately after gently absorbing of all visible moisture, forearms were simultaneously exposed to 15-, 30-, 35-, 60-, and 75-second doses of ultraviolet light emitted from a Burdick UV 800 hot quartz lamp at a distance of 45 cm. In both subjects, arms which had been immersed in water registered a lower minimal erythema dose (MED) and became considerably more erythematous than their counterparts. The Figure illustrates the difference at eight hours.Dr.