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May 1971

Society Transactions

Arch Dermatol. 1971;103(5):540-559. doi:10.1001/archderm.1971.04000170074020

ATLANTIC DERMATOLOGIC CONFERENCE  April 18, 1970Morris Leider, MD, and Harvey S. Cohen, MD, Editors

The Capozucca Syndrome, a Mélange of Congenital Anomalies. Presented by Morris Leider, MD.  A boy, now 13 years of age, has a condition that is a problem in diagnosis. He was conceived, carried, and born in an apparently normal manner. His parents seem to be normal, and are not consanguineous. He is the second of four siblings. The other three (two boys and one girl) have no extraordinary structural or functional abnormalities. At, and shortly after, birth, the patient was found to be abnormal in that he had difficulty in sucking and swallowing and was kinetically more incoordinate than infants usually are. As development proceeded, these original defects abated, but new ones came into being.The patient is (1) mentally retarded and (2) small for his age. He has (3) a flabby stance, (4) a

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