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September 1972

Griseofulvin Levels in Stratum CorneumStudy After Oral Administration in Man

Arch Dermatol. 1972;106(3):344-348. doi:10.1001/archderm.1972.01620120032006

Griseofulvin concentration in stratum corneum is determined by using a gasliquid, chromatographic procedure and electron capture detector. A scraping technique is used for obtaining three distinct levels from stratum corneum, and histological evidence shows these levels. Concentration of griseofulvin is found to be 16.4 ng/mg of palmar skin in level 1, 9.7 ng/mg in level 2, and 4.5 ng/mg in level 3. There is a more rapid buildup of drug after oral administration than thought previously. The drug can be detected in stratum corneum in eight hours. After discontinuing use of griseofulvin, concentration falls off more rapidly in skin than in blood. However, buildup is somewhat dependent on climate, the concentration being higher in warm weather than in cool. These findings emphasize that stratum corneum can act as a compartment for drugs such as griseofulvin.