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November 1979

Green Hair

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Arch Dermatol. 1979;115(11):1288. doi:10.1001/archderm.1979.04010110004010

To the Editor.—  Several years ago I became quite alarmed when my teenage son's light blond hair gradually turned green during the summer season. I was aware that the natural or dyed blond hair of some individuals tends to acquire a green tint after frequent exposure to swimming pool water.1-3 This discoloration seems to be unrelated to chrlorine3; a more likely cause is the copper content of the pool water resulting either from addition of copper-containing algicides4 or corrosion of copper tubing.To my dismay, the published articles had almost nothing to say about the management of this annoying problem. Frequent shampooing seems to reduce the green tint only slightly.3,5 Even a strong detergent (sodium lauryl sulfate) does not remove the green color.3 The same authors came to the conclusion that "no immediate method of removing the green color appears evident."3 Fortunately, there is