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July 1988

The Art of Writing a Clinical Paper

Author Affiliations

Department of Dermatology Division of Medicine Medical College of Ohio Toledo, OH 43699

Arch Dermatol. 1988;124(7):1119-1120. doi:10.1001/archderm.1988.01670070097032

Do you really want to write a clinical paper? It is not easy. Acceptance for publication is uncertain. Few people will read past your title, and you will be asked to pay for color photographs and reprints. But if you still want to write a paper, here is how.1-10

HAVE DRIVE  Drive counts for even more than desire. There is no end to significant clinical observations. We hear them in the halls at every meeting. There is no end of physician talent for writing. You went to college, didn't you? What is lacking is energy. The ephemeral sound waves of "personal communication" should be transformed into the permanence of print. You are the one to do it. Don't just dream of someday writing up that case of dyshidrosis due to streptococcal pharyngitis. Do it now.

HAVE TIME  How much time? If you have to ask, you should not be