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April 1995

Small Red Nodule on the Leg of a Young Woman

Author Affiliations

Fairfax, Va (Dr Horn), and Damascus, Md (Dr Stern)

Arch Dermatol. 1995;131(4):483-484. doi:10.1001/archderm.1995.01690160111020

REPORT OF A CASE  A 24-year-old white woman presented with a slowly enlarging nodule on her left calf. The lesion was of 6 months' duration and was generally asymptomatic with only occasional mild pruritus and slight tenderness. There was no history of trauma.The physical examination revealed a firm red nod- ule (diameter, 0.6 cm), with a slightly irregular contour (Figure 1). A biopsy specimen was obtained (Figure 2 and Figure 3).What is your diagnosis?

Figure 1  .

Figure 2  .

Figure 3  .

Small Red Nodule on the Leg of a Young Woma  n

DIAGNOSIS: Microvenular hemangioma. 

HISTOLOGIC FINDINGS  The microscopic examination revealed a superficial and middermal haphazard infiltrate of collapsed small vascular structures extending between collagen bundles. These vessels showed irregular branching and consisted mostly of plump endothelial cells. Focally, some of the vessels had more visible lumens, giving a sinusoidal appearance. Significant atypia and mitotic figures were not observed.