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April 1955

Studies on Sweat Retention in Various Dermatoses

Author Affiliations

New York

From the Department of Medicine (Dermatology), Cornell University Medical Center and New York Hospital.

AMA Arch Derm. 1955;71(4):425-435. doi:10.1001/archderm.1955.01540280001001

During a recent experiment in patients with dermatitis, the local sweating response to the intradermal injection of methacholine (Mecholyl) was found to be diminished in the involved as compared with the adjacent normal skin. This finding raised anew the question of the influence of impaired sweat function on the course of dermatitis, particularly in hot humid weather. A series of experiments was devised to study this problem and is the subject of this report.


Twenty-seven patients with various types of dermatoses were studied. Most of these patients had dermatitis or eczematous eruptions currently aggravated by hot humid weather. Indolent plaque eruptions were represented by patients with psoriasis and hypertrophic lichen planus. Two patients had granulomatous eruptions involving the dermis (granuloma annulare and mycosis fungoides). Three normal subjects were utilized for control observations.

The experiments were conducted in an air-conditioned laboratory, in which the

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