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September 18, 2006

Sleep and Health: Everywhere and in Both Directions

Arch Intern Med. 2006;166(16):1686-1688. doi:10.1001/archinte.166.16.1686

This special issue of the ARCHIVES is devoted to original investigations that further our understanding of the relationship of sleep and health. The theme that emerges throughout this issue is that sleep serves as an indicator of health and quality of life and therefore is highly and directly relevant to the practice of medicine. Indeed, numerous studies1-3 have recently shown that sleep disorders are often comorbid with a broad range of medical and psychiatric conditions and also have a negative impact on health, mood, and quality of life. Increasing evidence also points to a bidirectional relationship between sleep and health; that is, sleep disturbances contribute to the development of or increase the severity of various medical and psychiatric disorders, and these same disorders result in poor sleep quality.

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